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Added a TON of blinkies and buttons to my home page :D
hellspit 1 year ago

also uploaded a short story i wrote as well >:3

just downloaded a bunch of blinkies + stamps... whenever i am free again expect an update >:D
fixed my about, added a couple new songs to the webamp, and made a topster page so that i can occasionally display my beloved music taste. <3
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also gonna update my webamp whenever i get a chance since i bought cds since then (i use my cds for the webamp since its easiest <33)
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just realized my about page still says im 18 whoops - i need to update it anyway so guess i should bump that up on the list XP
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I'M BACK :3 updated film reviews from the past few months, added a few new rants to the like/dislike page, and fixed a couple things on the character bios.
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I have been SO bogged down by school but I’ll hopefully get a break soon where I can do some more stuff on here >:3 I miss html coding

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