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the neocities cli wouldn't let me exclude files (something in the code fucked up -_-) but i posted some stupid rants in feelingz (and two attempts at the "somthing i like" to balance it out)
hellspit 11 months ago

this update can be alternatively called "syxri posts political opinions because hes bored"

today's music is the band my username was inspired by , angelspit !!! /
the way the lotr main menu music is lodged permanently in my brain from hours of having it open on the GameCube ( )
today I bring u two songs from one of my fave non-industrial bands: run the jewels ! (call ticketron) / (close your eyes (and count to fuck))
new intro page !! it contains 26 different text options so feel free to refresh mwhehehe (or just hit inspect lmfaooo)
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finally watched the newest ep of r&m and it was so bad that i decided im going to finish the last season of venture bros to cleanse my brain from that garbage.
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hellspit 11 months ago

update: it was very good. im so glad theyre making a movie bc otherwise the finale would've left me so pissed

mwhehehe i have a site button now. actually TWO !!! i also have a page for site buttons now so if u want to be added/i forgot u lmk X)

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