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fixed my sidebar because for some infernal reason i made three of them so i could show diff links instead of simply using js to show/hide everything. anyway thats fixed now <3 onto the likes/dislikes page
being on neocities as an industrial goth is so funny bc most people I follow on here know of kmfdm + related bands bc of the tcc but I just grew up in the scene lmfaooo
hellspit 1 year ago

like my mom was (and still is) super goth in the 90s/2000s so it rubbed off of me hehehe.

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also industrial music rec from my state — nocturne! my mom actually used to be friends with the bassist (rotny) hehehe.
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packing and shit so haven’t been coding lately — but I think when I begin again I’m going to pause the shrine content to make a likes/dislikes page (I <3 ranting and raving hehehe.)
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small update - created an archived folder for my old manson shrine (which was made pre-allegation release, i don''t support him) because i was tired of staring at it in the main shrines folder. also started a folder branch for the music shrine ill be building out after the manipulators are done hehe.
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hellspit 1 year ago

if u are curious as to why i don't just delete those files its literally just the fact i hate deleting stuff i worked hard on lmfao >.>

the actual page doesn't show up in the updates for some reason but i started a shrine to male manipulator media that links to some personal shrines (not every one will have one tho - if ur curious who will i have it commented in the source code for myself <3)

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