spit up your guts!

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also i have a new site that will be up soon hehe. currently its on github rn but its private
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found out neocities has a CLI so expect more frequent updates mwehehehe. i can use visual studio instead of having to deal with the annoyance of the built in editor
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tried to code on my phone bc i didn’t feel like nabbing my computer. Not recommended at literally all
going from coding in React to more “basic” coding is so weird lmfao. I feel all backwards
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hellspit 1 year ago

espec bc a yr ago I didn’t know barely any React and only knew HTML/CSS and some JavaScript... and now I’m like intermediate at React and rusty on the stuff I used to be a fucking pro at

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im so tired of school fr. i have been staying up late doing hw assignments way too often >.<

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