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the alt right use of “redpilled” is so fucking funny to me knowing the matrix is a trans allegory
hellspit 9 months ago

like the red pill in the matrix is straight up a reference to estrogen which was red at the time shjsnsb

currently hyperfixating on stardew valley but when I get back from that I’m making a jthm shrine because it’s a travesty that most of the graphics of this blog are from it and yet… no shrine
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instead of a song/band u get this moment in invader zim that never fails to make me laugh lmfao
bought Tripp pants on impulse bc vampirefreaks had a 20% off sale and afterpay lmfaooo
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today’s song is insect warrior by leæther strip. aka a song that reminds me of the invader zim theme lmfao ( )
music page is now updated to a presentable state, ill add the genre shrines soon mwhehehe.
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the neocities cli wouldn't let me exclude files (something in the code fucked up -_-) but i posted some stupid rants in feelingz (and two attempts at the "somthing i like" to balance it out)
hellspit 10 months ago

this update can be alternatively called "syxri posts political opinions because hes bored"


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