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I'll make a full hate post or like... a journal about this but ohhh my goddd i hate the way younger progressives treat every slight misstep as being worth tearing to shreds over (particularly when they already didn't like the person)
hellspit 2 years ago

i say "progressives" and not people in general bc online conservatives (particularly the alt-right) has learned to weaponize outrage to fuel themselves - "they're upset because i speak the Truth!!!1!111" - and therefore appealing to people's existing bigotries :/

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the way i will get MAD anxiety about something and then do it and be like "oh." and then be perfectly fine
today i will be sharing one of my fave official music videos and one of my favorite fanmade music vids: /
i LOVE your webamp player!!! added you to my mutuals! β™₯
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infern0 disappeared ? i was looking at their site yesterday and when i went to refresh the tab the site was gone :(
new (and fairly large) update woohoo :D anyway updated my journal, fixed the "main" pages so they actually are viewable on mobile, and finally added some writing. tbh i didn't have much to post but its bc i've been off and on working on a book for the last 2 years lmfao
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my site doesn't work on mobile not in an ignoring responsiveness / idk how to do it way but in a "ive been doing css/html stuff for like 5 years now and i still don't know why the viewport is bigger than the screen size sometimes" way
hellspit 2 years ago

update: it was a ridiculously easy fix... just "meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width". neocities auto includes it usually but i took it out for some reason lmfao

anyone know what happened to sceneofthecrash? ik they were off for a bit bc of harassment + came back but i've noticed they've been gone again for a while now :(
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emptygod 2 years ago

im wondering this too, unfortunately i dont have any info on my end but this is something i noticed as well :(

super minor update because today i realised my site has been LYING to you people for nearly a month lol (aka i forgot to update my age XP)

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