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Brought VRChat Pirate Radio back online. (For now -- need to set part of it up on a dedicated server again.)
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bunglepaws 2 months ago

I may actually change the name because I've still not put it in a public VRChat world lmao. Thinking of going with a bunny theme.

bunglepaws 2 months ago

I mean. The radio host is based on my bunny sona. So for the logo thing I gave it little rabbit ears (antenna. TV, but still.)

bunglepaws 2 months ago

Thinking of removing the link for the Radio New Vegas knockoff. I don't need it anymore and when I set it up I was less concerned with using real voices but now I'd rather not do so. (the pirate radio doesn't use a real person's voice for the TTS, I may make a blog post about that later)

bunglepaws 2 months ago

but I need to recode some of VRChat Pirate Radio. For RNVGPT I used Spotify's algorithm to get new songs and expand the playlist automatically. Currently though, this new station isn't set up with Spotify at all.

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