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My baby is one month old 4 days from now and you two messed with her?
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I am accusing you both!
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If elementz is a hyperlink member you can keep it.
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3. Thou shalt not mess up / /__( _____\ _____ other people's websites.
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I have black belt in legal action as well. I want to be sure you won't bother other members here.
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Do you really know what you have started here? Email fraud = Mail fraud a Federal offense
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bobzilla 1 year ago

OK, let me just link you something:

So.... Now the counter works again.
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are you gonna attack me in my home now? i wish you would.
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bobzilla 1 year ago

dude your not even eligible AND your being disrespectful. stop.

ur not eligible for hyperlink anyways
ninjacoder58 1 year ago

what did that mean Mr. Troll?

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elementz 1 year ago

u cant join it now

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