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2 months ago
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loafsona 2 months ago

okay from my perspective the preview looks abyssmal, (this is what i get for uploading the new stylesheet last) but i promise i've actually added a new theme lmao

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i love your site!! i added your button to my page ^-^ seeing that pepsi frog was such a surprise, i remember saving that gif years back! the game is so silly (:
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loafsona 3 months ago

fun fact about the pepsi frog, that was the FIRST thing my friend ever 3D modeled and is by far the most popular thing he's ever made RIP. here's all the other secret animations that didn't become popular:

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loafsona 3 months ago

also thanks for playing the game LMAO it's the first game i ever made so it's like god-awful to control but i hope you still had some fun with it! and thanks for the follow, i'll add your button to my page too!

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