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thelesserword 2 months ago

Say, I got my hand on some liver meat. Do I just eat it out of the bag or is there a proper way of preparing it?

literaturegirl 2 months ago

The classic way to eat it is fried in butter with onions, but since I don't like onions I just eat it alone, fried in pure butter. Lamb liver is what I usually have. The taste will never be amazing, and you'll notice a bit of a gritty texture, especially if it's more well-done. Really, though, it's not as bad as people say it is. It just tastes like slightly old meat, in my opinion.

literaturegirl 2 months ago

If you don't like eating it as is, you can also always opt for pate or mix it in with some other meat. The only reservation you should have is that you don't need to eat more than one serving a week or so, due to potential vitamin A toxicity if you overeat it somehow. (That is unlikely, but nonetheless.)

oddduck 2 months ago

I highly reccomend dirty rice: I have only tried it with chicken liver, but I think it ought to work with any sort.


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