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thanks for the follow! funny how you also found my other joke site (Flat Earth News) somehow. excited to see what you'll make of yours! :)
junothesilly1 1 year ago

that was yours?! wow!

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all updates will go to the updates section from now on!
oh and i'm reading about the history of houses and it is a really fun topic i suggest checking it out :)
searching for graphics! i'm having soo much fun going around different websites :D
dry cereal>>>>
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1/09/2022 new pages i have to work on
30/09/2022 new page
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i've have never been an active user on a site, this is probably my first time. usually i would interact on the internet only when playing online games, but on social media zero, i was only a passive viewer of content. but now i truly feel like i'm doing something and everyone else can see it! NEOCITIES IS SUPER COOL!! :D
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probably the best way to learn coding (rather than tutorials) is to look at other people's code, obviously not for copying but for seeing how to make a certain thing. that's how i was able to do the "sitename says" thing!

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