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your manifesto resonates with me
checking in after a while and love the developments! i see you're also a based dungeon meshi enjoyer 😳 followed you on letterboxd too!
warmth-at-4am 10 months ago

Hey thanks a bunch!! Yesss, I seriously love Dungeon Meshi! I read all of it back around July and it quickly became a favorite. Thanks for the follow on letterboxd! I actually don't watch movies as often as I'd like, so I figured letterboxd would be good encouragement. Hope the TTRPG game went well for you!! I've DM'd a few times and it feels pretty dang rewarding

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thanks for the follow! funny how you also found my other joke site (Flat Earth News) somehow. excited to see what you'll make of yours! :)
junothesilly1 12 months ago

that was yours?! wow!

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THE DINGDOM was updated.
1 year ago
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Cool site, I really like the color scheme and background you've used!
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dingdom 1 year ago

tysm! I can finally reply now LOL but I'm excited to see where you go with your site!

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