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I found my first Book of Shadows today. I started writing in it over 10 years ago, only got a few pages into it and stopped. I was doing an Open University science course that was pretty intensive at the time and I was probably too tired in the evenings to write in it - after that, I went to Derby Uni to do my Zoology course and had no energy for anything else other than reading fantasy novels and watching films/
bright-eyes 1 year ago

tv series on DVD. When I got to the information sections, it's just a list and not much else and done in pencil, so I might just erase that and continue with information. Why I decided that runes should be first before gods and goddesses seems a bit silly... I need to get back those books I was working through. On the plus side, it is a lot easier now finding reliable resources and doing things through the internet

bright-eyes 1 year ago

with youtube and whatever than it was back then. I also know more, even if there are still lots of gaps in my knowledge. One of the main things is I've found that Norse paganism isn't as separate from druidry and wicca as I thought it was - that's down to bad, racist/sexist organizations that had a big voice when I first looked into it (even the reprint of the book on Runes I got from the library cite them :(. )

bright-eyes 1 year ago

There are more resources now, thankfully and I am figuring out ways of doing things on my own.

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