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I don't think that I shall bother hosting the fanlistings here. I can't use php script on here, and finding a mailing service that people can use to join/update/contact isn't that easy these days. I'm just going to concentrate on the fansites/fan fic stuff, the pixel art site (as I only need to upload it and change links.) I may do the icon site, too, but it's not a priority.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

(The problem with the icon site is that the php script on it stopped working due to it becoming old, and having to link all the images individually is a chore, and that's before you take into consideration that php can't be used on here.)

bright-eyes 4 years ago

In relation to fanlistings, I stopped being interested in them ages ago, but kept them around out of habit. From a personal standpoint, they aren't that interesting to me to make and the TFL community is very elitist and can be toxic.

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