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Did you know there's an actual place called Wizard Island?
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websitering 4 years ago

It even looks like something from Lord of the Rings. :)

bobzilla 4 years ago

one word. boat

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lilaclynx 4 years ago

Guys, let's all book holidays there...

BREAKING NEWS: Wizard Cat FINALLY fixed his hotlinking problem. He now promises to never hotlink again, or, as mario said,"If you do hotlinking, you go to hell before you die."
ill fix it tomorrow but heres my word on hotlinking : don't do it. I was dumb. I'll fix my crappy old mostakes tomorrow.
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gonna fix some old crappy hotlinked code i did like 2 weeks ago when i was a total nob. god i was dumb
somebody tell me why i'm suddenly getting a bunch of followers
jackomix 4 years ago

well if you comment on a fairly followed user other users might wonder who you are.

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