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Devlog is coming tomorrow!
I'm done changing up the site for now! Devlog for Blue Cell coming VERY VERY soon, but only when I'm ready. Game reviews are coming back too, working on Escapists 2.
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Luigi's Game Reviews is now converting to a more personal site. Game reviews are still the main attraction, however, more stuff will be added so I have more stuff to update. Thanks for reading!
Hello everyone! First off, thank you for 2k views and 22 followers! Second, I am in the process of developing my game Blue Cell. I will try to make a dev log like thing sometime tomorrow. I can't wait to show off what I made so far this past few days. I just have to decide whether I make a new site or just add on to the game reviews site, what do you think?
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Sorry for lack of updates everyone, I'm actually working on a game of my own and to avoid losing interest in finishing my project, the reviews gotta be a side hustle. I'll try and get a review out today or tomorrow!
Cool site! Following!
userluigi 2 months ago

Thank you!

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