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Welcum was updated.
1 day ago
sablecradle 1 day ago

I fixed it!! And updated with my latest finished knit! Ahh the rush of making the thing work as you want it to

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sablecradle 1 day ago

Updated menu everywhere else, knitting section is the only *actual update*

Welcum was updated.
4 days ago
sablecradle 4 days ago

Ree i cannot figure out how to hide that overflow but I hafta go to sleep now! Also I have finished a sweater since I started making this page but I have to properly photograph it yet so look forward to that!

mortalboy 4 days ago

you could try adding a max-height for the notes div? (looked in your code sorry)

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sablecradle 3 days ago

No don't be sorry! I literally suck at coding v bad and appreciate help <3 I will try that tomorrow!

aaa i haven't updated in ages ;-; i got frustrated trying to figure out how to make a new section the way i want it to look and then irl got to me i guess ;-; but guess who has time off work this week! will try my best to give my site a proper update >.<
Hi fellow eastern european girlie, I love your website :-))
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nandoesherbest 1 month ago

Omg hello there fellow eastern european, how are you! <3 Thank you for your kind words! <3 Going to check out your page asap ;w;

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