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Hello! The RPG Maker widget link has been updated! Please navigate to by 11/31/23 please. No worries if you miss the deadline! I can add you back in the place you were in just fine. (Hi Io I hope you're doing alright)
Io's Webpage was updated.
2 months ago
denpa 2 months ago

finally added a disclaimer/note because the context of this page has unfortunately changed a lot

ophanim 2 months ago

ai art should have stayed in this era; it allows for users to twist it a lot more than the current era

lukajk 2 months ago

I guess it was better like that but it's not really so different now, just a funny little trick without too much substance

HELLO HELLO HELLO I found you on and I literally exploded when I found your neocities!!! You inspired me to create my own game (alas it's still in the planning stage) AND I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH TYTYTY FOR BEING SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!
denpa 2 months ago

that is the biggest compliment, thank you deeply!!!! i wish you the best of luck with your game!!

amari-ga-shin-da 2 months ago

RAGAHGAGHGAH TYSMMMMMM I LOVED BLOOD FLESH AND CONCRETE THATS THE MAIN INSPO IM GOING TO EXPLODE (if you were curious it's the seaside game I mentioned on my stories page!)

amari-ga-shin-da 2 months ago

"flesh blood and concrete" SIGH it's late for me but still thank you so much

I saw your art and instantly fell in love, your website is so gorgeous <3!!
denpa 2 months ago

thank you so much!!! sorry for responding late, i was off neocities for a bit but i really appreciate ur kind words Q___Q

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