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koshka 1 year ago

Wrote up a new comedy article in the style of my older and more abrasive style ones (i.e.; Words I Hate), attacking a number of common child-related platitudes, and added a custom sidebar to the Library of Babel section. Also XHTML validated a few additional sections of the website and deleted my Gab account for reasons outlined in the update text on the Portal/Scratching Post.

cyberwitch 1 year ago

"Lamentable as it may be, it's far more likely for a child to grow up to be a sexual predator than a world-changing physicist." A very unpleasant truth. I've never understood the appeal of having children. Too much work and suffering and little to no reward. Antinatalism only reinforces my feelings on the subject.

koshka 1 year ago

Thank you for your comment, @CyberWitch! I have to agree. Having children is an extreme burden (especially on the woman), that essentially takes over the lives of the parents and has far too much risk to it, with no reward. Imagine dedicating ~18 or so years of your life and innumerable resources towards raising a child, only for them to turn out to be a sexual predator.

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holeinmyheart 1 year ago

what's funny about this is that a lot of your suggestions are arguably "pro-child": not treating them as special, not putting them on a pedestal, judging them by their merit, holding them responsible for their actions, etc. i think children themselves would be far happier if they were treated like actual human beings, lol

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koshka 1 year ago

Finally added a "random humourous observations" page to the Library of Babel, and did a bunch of work getting the UFO, Per-Bast, Wildcat Den, and Scratching Post sections to be XHTML validated. Each page will have an official XHTML validation button at the bottom once it no longer violates any standards.

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I love the look, very nice, and the colors never feel to clashy or overly bright to me at least
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koshka 1 year ago

Thank you muchly!! I'm glad that you like it. You have an interesting website so far as well, and I look forward to seeing how it grows. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but you appear to have misspelled the words "personal" and "programming" in your Neocities profile tags, which may make it harder for others to find your site.

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sbeve 1 year ago

oh wow thank you so much for that, I didn't notice that! :P

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