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koshka 12 hours ago

I wrote up an analysis on the many intersections between autism and personality disorders, a rabbit hole that turned out to be far deeper and more riveting than when I first started writing and doing research on the subject. Quite long unfortunately, but something I am confident that anyone with an interest in psychology will find interesting.

koshka 1 day ago

Added the Red Forest section, containing basic information about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, as well as a guide to the various obscure glitchy collectibles to be found in it. Also added a link to the excellent Benvolio's Workbench Commander Keen site to the Dock. I am currently writing a WHALE of an article on the intersections between autism and personality disorders, and am hoping to finally be done soon.

holeinmyheart 1 day ago

damn takes me back to the old days when there was so much speculation/unknown/mystique on the internet. i remember reading forum posts about hidden items/pokemon and stuff that often evolved into its own lore

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koshka 19 hours ago

@holeinmyheart, I miss those days! It was more fun when there was more left to the imagination and there were still things to speculate about.

fragmentandreflect 15 hours ago

Look forward to reading your thoughts on the cross-over between autism and other mental health issues

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koshka 12 hours ago

Thank you so much, @fragmentandreflect! I just finally put it up -- I was hoping to be done earlier but it wound up taking up more time than I had anticipated.

Your requested creepypasta is currently coming together. All i'll say is: brace yourself
koshka 1 week ago

Thank you for the wonderful news, my friend! I can't wait!! Ɑ:

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koshka 1 week ago

Added a tidbit about the problems with high/low-functioning labels for autistic people to the Autism Myths page, and added two new Affiliates - Svetlana Studios and Turtle Witch. Currently working on 8 different pages on and off, including a rather riveting (in my opinion) new autism article that I started work on this weekend and am hoping to get done by the end of the week. Apologies for the radio silence. ):

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Now the loony Chinese government is murdering cats because their human came down with covid. It's been 2 years and somehow the covid cultists are still finding a way to outdo themselves in their madness. Now they're OPENLY sacrificing living beings to appease their tin pot god - a yard sale flu that was recently entirely eradicated in an Indian state simply via people using so-called "horse dewormer".
koshka 2 weeks ago

I'm morning drunk and might regret my tone a tiny bit, but it needed to be said.

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bright-eyes 2 weeks ago

It's probably because cats have been found to be infected with covid, but China isn't exactly known for its compassion towards animals (or people, for that matter...).

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bmh 2 weeks ago

Using Iverm... I mean, "horse dewormer", doesn't align with the agenda... I can see how killing people's pets does (sadly).

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koshka 2 weeks ago

So now we're being open about how "I WILL SAVE YOU FROM DYING FROM COVID BY KILLING YOU MYSELF!!!" is the ultimate goal here?

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