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im giving this project away because i have too many projects and should not have picked this up. contact me here if you are interested in taking this on.
femboyfinder 5 months ago

Hey im very interested

pentirin 5 months ago

I'm not the best csser but I have too much free time and I can work well with people, so I would be intrested yea :3

netunaut 5 months ago

im going to finish ripping the assets and then i'll upload them for usage

netunaut 5 months ago

actually i just realized that you can't transfer accounts so i might just silently cancel this or work on it on and off

femboyfinder 5 months ago

yeah and i'm pretty sure if you delete it, it might take a while for the name to become available again. We could probably work on it as a github/replit project if you guys would be down with that

pentirin 5 months ago

I think that would be a neat idea

netunaut 5 months ago

what if you guys are managers so we could still all collaborate?

femboyfinder 5 months ago

Sure, both of you add me on discord so we can sort this out there. Mine is: femboyjophiel

netunaut 4 months ago

qasjhjsahhsg i don’t have discord don’t ask why

pentirin 4 months ago

what do you have then?

freelands 3 months ago

no longer giving it up

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