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man, viewing on an actual ipad has weird things going about. hm. i know i said this is intended to be desktop oriented, but i'm also thinking of my friend who mostly is on an ipad and... hm.
seeing the site is messed up on my friends laptop screen and just >grimacing emoji goes to try and change/fix things
concealederrors 1 year ago

me: yeah it should look fine on desktop! :D also me: >forgets theres screen sizes outside of 1920 x 1080

kind of want to add (not-autoplay) music to some of the story bits ngl. i know some free music sites, so...
it's funny, I forgot I added that modernDOS font bc it wasn't working or loading for days, and then SUDDENLY---
okay I'm totally gonna change the about up (eventually) to be IC-ly for KadinOS's info, then have that link to like. the site info that's currently there. Not right now though, but. Eventually.
. oh i suddenly know what i want to do for the main window. jotting that down for tomorrow
wow neocities is reaching BAAAACK for those previews huh. that isn't correct at all
concealederrors 1 year ago

regardless, I'm uploading my current progress on this site. It's still not finished, and there's much in the way of pages I need to redo (or straight up... Do) but, hey.

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