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yo jsyk you have a couple broken images in the header of your bugs page
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bugcreature 1 month ago

Thats really good to know thank you- I have to completely redo that page anyways. It was one of the first pages I coded and I can do better now

ive been redoing my layout and im tempted to just delete all my shit and reupload everything just to make sure i dont miss anything- but it seems like a pain. either way...heads up that its a possibility
about to update my homepage and a bunch of other stuff, will be kind of a mess for a second. also, not all the pages are done yet so it's gonna be a WIP
bugcreature 11 months ago

i got rid of the sitemap page for now- like it still exists but I removed the link to it- just cuz I'm re-organizing pages enough that it'll be a whole task in itself to update the map. I'm gonna clean up a bunch of other pages too, but that's gonna happen one at a time probably.

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