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I'm alive, have a lot of the work for my pages done just in an external word processor. I will never not use Notepad++. I planned on getting right back to work on the page, but I wound up having a heat related illness followed with a bout of covid. Think I might fastforward adding a blog page to update for stuff like this.
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2 months ago
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bearadactyl 2 months ago

It's nice being able to work on this again. Reminder, there is a changelog on my page. I have plans to eventually add a little personal blog after the two new pages are finished.

I've had a site for close to a year now and I still have no idea how it decides to display your individual pages in the feed after you update them. It's most certainly not the most recently updated page, I also had a theory it listed the pages with the most substantial changes, but that is also not true. Is it a dart board approach?
I really need to get around to making graphics like buttons, maybe some more stamps and pride graphics.
Updates coming soonβ„’.
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Things are more stable now, not quite where I want it, but enough that I may be able to start actually doing substantial updates again soon. So, fingers crossed.
Alright, a little update. I should be back to properly updating and maintaining my site come February, things have been real rough these past few months, but things are finally coming back together. Sorry for the inactivity, looking forward to getting my log of pages made. I've decided I'll be adding both a page for royalty free and public domain resources for creators, and just a page for media recommendations.
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bearadactyl 9 months ago

I also have plans to make a proper button for people who might wanna link me, I will probably add it to the left column with my stamps. I will also be making more of those as well.

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ziggybeeps 9 months ago

Welcome back! I was just thinking about you the other day when I was updating my button page.

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