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i recommend that you remove all the script tags relating to the domain is inaccessible from the internet but because of that the browser takes forever to load the page as it tries to load every mention. the domain seems to be for a family of local-network-wide adblockes. they may only be working on your network.
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It's been a minute.
otaking 1 year ago

It has been a while. Is this site complete as it is or are you going to add more?

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angelsofeva 1 year ago

Yes, I will be expanding it eventually. That's the end goal.

Random and off topic but if anyone is a fan of Shaman King, feel free to check out my fansite at
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angelsofeva 2 years ago

I plan to keep it most up to date in anticipation for the reboot anime that is coming out in April. And of course the ongoing manga spinoffs and sequels.

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otaking 2 years ago

Your website is very pleasant to the eye. Where did you save this site before uploading?

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Hello! I'd like to post my site to the Tokyo District! A resurrected fansite dedicated to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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otaking 2 years ago

Any idea why the EVA series didn't die when Asuka killed them? They looked pretty dead until they got up again.

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