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anyone with Please and Thank You on their front page probably rocks! love logan's stuff, more people need to be aware of his work
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federiefederi 8 months ago

The beatles names in your contact email made us chuckle a little haha, btw nice music! favorite one is The Haunted Hills of Wentworth, nice work!

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17 million pound marijuana brick
love your website :] it's very well designed
webcatz 8 months ago

thank you! also hello rose congratulations on the new band

this rocks!!
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love your website :D the layout rocks. music page kind of blows my mind a bit, i keep forgetting HTML can like... do that. awesome songs too!!
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awesome website!!! love the windows 7 theming :]
atomixe 9 months ago

aa ty, i just used a stylesheet my bf sent me for it lol

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awesome zine, i would donate if i had cash but i'm currently broke as balls (soon though!!). keep it up, this shit rocks
zinezero 9 months ago

Thanks so kindly! I'm glad Neocities is a thing!

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