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Thanks for the follow, man.
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maybe I’ll figure out iframes when I have to update the front page
really digging y'alls website... my eyes will be on it
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acidata 8 months ago

Thank you so much! It's just me (hi!) with some coding help from friends, I am really happy to hear you like it ^^

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any relation to the apples in stereo song? digging yr music stuff, sometimes i forget i can experiment with music like that too. keep it up
glowworm 8 months ago

no relation, but I need to check out the apples in stereo! and thank you! I like your site, the demos are really cool :)

jst listened 2 ur demos !! awesome stuff, i love stuck in reno pt 2 !!! ^_^
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theeverfreeforest 8 months ago

thank you!!! :D glad you enjoyed them, hope you dig the album whenever it comes out :]

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hell yeah glass animals!
forestmoth 8 months ago

Yes. They are our favourite band. - Asha

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logan whitehurst spotted, dude's an insanely talented musicians. Goodbye My 4-Track is in my top 10 albums ever sometimes. stuff rocks
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glassyhouse 8 months ago

yes he's very cool and inspirational!! i love his other albums too, theyre totally worth checking out!! :-)

toki a!! i like your website, zonelets is awesome - if it weren't for the fact i design HTML stuff too much for fun i'd probably use it. this is cool i think
waso-mu 8 months ago

:D thank you sm! i managed to get a lot of my existing html & css to work with zonelets, so it's not out of the question to use both!

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diy stuff is awesome. archives are awesome. you're awesome. i'm not from the NY/NJ/PA area (i'm from cali) but i think what you are doing is good and i hope you keep doing it for as long as you're able.
oh hey you're a friend of oily bastard! hello!

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