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pip-pepping 1 month ago

Technical difficulties!

pip-pepping 1 month ago

Look at my shrimps everyone

pip-pepping 1 month ago

Looked at this site on mobile and: what the fuck

pip-pepping 1 month ago

ok i fixed it

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enflicted 2 months ago

I'll have to agree that most of our problems, job/wage wise is all government controlled. I've noticed a significant change in the cost of living. The only thing I suggest to people, is go to trade school. Skip college, there will always be a need for a trade. Live within your means, and just be happy.. Life is really to short to feed the corporate machine. I wish you luck in any thing you do!

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Happy Pi day, and happy 2 year anniversary to pip-pepping!!!
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pip-pepping 2 months ago

I did it, I finally updated my web blog after 2 years.

pip-pepping 2 months ago

Sky sound collection too!!!

It's been 2 years since I've updated my web blog. Maybe I can change that in a little bit. Due for a slight makeover, maybe.

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