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Any chances you're an Ansel Adams fan? :-D
pastelshoal 5 years ago

Very much so :) If I had all the time in the world, I might try to do photography like he did. However as it stands, I don't have the patience to put as much work into my photos as he did! Still, he's definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

nbodyproblem 5 years ago

He's pretty rad. And your photos are already at a pretty high standard, too! I find the b/w ones stronger, but color photography is a whole different dimension. I couldn't do what you do with it.

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nbodyproblem 5 years ago

Also, on the translated lit text: There are genuine efforts by some groups to acknowledge translators as authors themselves and credit them accordingly. Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, when translated to German, was 500 pages longer (that's probably owed to the German language; I don't believe the translator invented new parts) and took around 5 years in total because the translator was so thorough.

nbodyproblem 5 years ago

I'd be behind mentioning the translators as co-authors because it would establish that a novel changing languages also changes in style and content.

pastelshoal 5 years ago

Yeah, there is definitely a totally different methodology behind colour and I have only really experimented with it. I took a look at your page, and I think your polaroids are excellent, most of my stuff is from me being in the right place at the right time but you're out there doing creative things with the medium and that's really cool. Not to mention your paintings and drawings, which are lovely.

pastelshoal 5 years ago

And yeah, for sure we should start to acknowledge translators more than the often small acknowledgement on the first page of a novel.

nbodyproblem 5 years ago

Thank you! I'm an avid collector or old polaroid cameras and I just love the fragility of the photographs. It's like playing with a portable chemistry set. And well, my drawings - working on a bunch of new ones right now. Let's see where that goes.

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