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I will never understand how neocities decides what is and isn't separate updates but I have a new blog post about idkhow
Ooh awesome kandi
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The Astral Sea was updated.
1 day ago
norea3a 1 day ago

This is so cool, I love the birthday wizard

theastralsea 1 day ago

Thanks! I made it as a gift for my mum. I'm probably not gonna link to it anywhere but I may as well leave it up there

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I'm thinking of making an alternative, flashier weirder version of the site that you can switch to, I think that'd be fun
theastralsea 3 days ago

If I do this then any photosensitive people following me should not open the update links

I was planning on doing some updates recently but I'm exhausted atm
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theastralsea 3 weeks ago

As of now, most of the site works on mobile. The blog page doesn't look perfect but it works as intended, the home page is good, but the shrine is an issue I've gotta fix (the old layout kiiiiiiinda works but not really)

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