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Added a few friend buttons and a hyperlink to my new music experiment: "Occasionally playing with time". Check out on Bandcamp! :)
Send an e-mail postcard with POSTA!
I have just fixed a bug that occured when the robot clicked on a button. It looks now much nicer.
BunnyMnemonic was updated.
5 years ago
bunnymnemonic 5 years ago

Just added friend buttons.

I like your corn flakes page a lot!
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Good old days... and MJK used my 3D Menu Widget in the main menu of the game. :) Still downloadable!
i like that game
bunnymnemonic 5 years ago

Thank you very much (and thanks for following)! Your website is amazing! It is really a valuable source of cool things.

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bunnymnemonic 5 years ago

I sent your link to my brother because he likes gems very much.

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