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Just played through, and beat Hypnospace outlaw. Oh my god. I've not felt this way about a video game since my first Cave Story playthrough back in 2017.
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I love Windows 93 and your page gives me huge Windows 93 vibes. Also probably because 93 Realms is hosted on your page
gradientos 2 months ago

It's not hosted by me, I just made a client for 93 Realms. I also wanted to integrate Windows 96 features in there but MsgRoom shutdown for forever.

I am so confused why the links in my iframe didn't work, then when I implemented a fix, they still didn't work, but when I come back today they do work???
wg2k 2 months ago

was probably a hard refresh thing

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silverheart 2 months ago

ctrl+F5 will force the browser to hard refresh whatever site you're looking at, if your site isn't showing changes it may just be cached (saved locally to your computer to make viewing it next time faster) and the hard refresh will make everything reload properly.

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Awesome webpage!
truebluefantasy 3 months ago

Thanks! Yours is cool too! :3

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