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Hi. i love the terror and i love your terror shrine. i have a goodsir shrine but my terror shrine is still in the works. cannot put in words how much i love the terror
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ashtreelane 10 months ago

thank you! the terror is great. i joined the fandom back in 2020 - i wonder if we follow each other on tumblr? also, i loved your polar exploration page. if all goes as planned i'll be doing my master's thesis on the evolution of scott and shackleton's respective legacies, so it's always nice to run into another person who's interested in polar exploration!

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bondiaries 10 months ago

that's amazing!!! my polar exploration page is halfdone and i think i'm going to scrap it but thank you lol... and ohh maybe! what's your @?

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ashtreelane 10 months ago

right now it's @ash-tree-lane, but in the past it's been scootbloop and charles-best, among other things!

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