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nekonokuni 1 day ago

I totally agree with you with getting sad in cloudy days, I don't mind rainy days much if the rain don't last for many consecutive days but a cloudy day always makes me feel down even though I am a really cheerful person. And I also don't like March until June. But for me it's because is fall here, and I really love summer so I hate the shorter days and colder climate lol

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nekonokuni 1 day ago

I can't relate to the insomnia but I always listen to relaxing videos which help my concentrate while I am studying. I like this channel best: (maybe it could be helpfull for you ( •́ .̫ •̀ ))

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alcedonia 8 hours ago

Thank you, I really appreciate it! 💛 I'll definitely check that channel out! And I totally feel you with the shorter days. I find that even in winter, going for a walk or even just getting some fresh air helps with seasonal depression. I hope the cold weather and long nights don't get you too down!

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1 month ago
22yk01 1 month ago

love the drawings!!!

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alcedonia 1 month ago

thank you!!

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2 months ago
honghu 2 months ago

Very grateful to see you added me! I’ll add you as well :)

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alcedonia 2 months ago

thank you! :)

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