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voupiesite! was updated.
1 year ago
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i made u a website review!!! lmk what u think!
clownbonk 1 year ago

omg thank you so much!! i enjoyed all your lil ADHD tangents and i appreciate getting feedback on the stuff i need to work on. also, feel free to steal graphics :o)

the music on your site is so nice !!
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datasoul 1 year ago

haha thanks that was something i made real quick to match the banner

hi! you can use for a poll and you can embed it after you've made it =]
boxy 1 year ago

i used to use that but i couldn't get it to embed right on some platforms

voupie 1 year ago

oh i see! sorry then thats all i got ;[

best site on neocities right now
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voupie 1 year ago

omg thank you !! =] i love the aesthetic of your website !!

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