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hey, nice site! i know you're not very confident in it but it's simple and readable, which is always good. also i know you've stated you're aware of the link on your main page being "bad" but i followed it out of curiosity and that article was written by someone who calls people slurs and uses autism as an insult... like ultimately do what you want, just wanted to make sure you really knew
sobsz 1 year ago

oh hey a comment how cool and unexpected! yeah i put that link there a few years ago when i hadn't bothered to check what the person was like (and/or i had lower moral standards) but i kept it in because uhhh historical accuracy i guess? idk this site is mostly abandoned except for updating the contact details, eventuallyâ„¢ i'll make a new one on another host with all the bells and whistles

sobsz 1 year ago

oh and the "this site is bad" thing is less about design more about content (or lack thereof), which is what the gatekeeping i listened to was talking about

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