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Ok, neocities is based in Germany. It is part of the EU. What will happen if the actual article 13 will be used everywhere? It actually keeps us from posting things what we like or not. I don't want this. We deserve a free and not surveillanced internet. We have the right for it.
strata 6 months ago

Neocities is not based in Germany.

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websitering 9 months ago

Nice layout, but the menu links don't work.

ottwiz 9 months ago

oh, but only on that specific page where i forgot to set all the stuff.

ottwiz 9 months ago


Okay, I updated again my site and deleted the status accidentally instead of deleting a particular page. Nevermind. After almost 2 months of inactivity, I'm here again (but just for an update, idk when I'll update next time xD sorry, but i don't have enough time for this stuff)

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