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Gosh, when you want to write about too much things to the Films & Cartoons page it takes a lot of time to write . I'm a bit tired now tbh XD But i wanna do most of it so i try to gather my thoughts. When i post this, the time is 22:22 GMT+2(summer time) where I live so you can imagine I'm slowly going to sleep.
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Oh hi, i forgot to write that thanks for following. Your website looks neat and it has a nice blog site :)
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anipike 1 year ago

Thanks for the follow as well! Your site is very nice, and very well written. ^_^

ottwiz 1 year ago

Thanks :)

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So I just decided to make the blog posts to separate html files to keep the blog.html clean (the blog.html contains only the latest post but the others can be found in the "older posts section".

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