1 Year anniversary! - Netscape Navigator Revival

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Also im not gonna sign into my main account due to either no/limited encryption on mosaic's end, ima make an alt
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I got neocities on NCSA Mosaic 2! :D pictures will come soon
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If I can FINALLY get the time once spring break comes, I will rewrite The Netscape Navigator Emulator and make it more accurate.
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ima do a lil trolling
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so uhh how does the novetusfun host (the one that you use for 1995 geocities and wikipedia lite) work?
arandomsite 6 months ago

u forward ur ports on localhost and then put the ip into

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netscapenavigatorrevival 6 months ago

thats exactly how it works

lime360 6 months ago

the server is down for some reason

netscapenavigatorrevival 6 months ago

windows firewall fucked up my shit thats why

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