1 Year anniversary! - Netscape Navigator Revival

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I got Debian 10 working on my school chromebook
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What code editor do you guys use? I use Notepad++
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lime360 1 year ago

Visual studio code

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I am posting this from minecraft (proof:
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I got windows XP working on my school chromebook
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Its family guy friday turn on freeform now
familyguymadness 1 year ago

i was confused but then i remembered

also I added a custom 2005 video player to my Geocities 1995 revival, for more nostalgia factor.
Do you guys use a laptop or desktop pc? I use a desktop PC.
netscapenavigatorrevival 1 year ago

im the only one in my household that uses a desktop pc.

Just released the account system. please note its in early beta so it wont be the best.
retroworld95 1 year ago

where can i access it

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