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Would anyone happen to know how Cyber-Witch is doing? Both of her Neocities websites vanished without warning a week or so ago and I still have no idea what happened. I don't mean to be nosy; just worried. ):
rime 2 months ago

i noticed i had lost a follower but i didn't pay it any mind, but now that you mention it, that must've been her. i have no idea what happened either but now you have me wondering.

fragmentandreflect 2 months ago

Oh no, she's one on my favourites, I don't know if she ever had contact info on her page?

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koshka 2 months ago

Yeah, both @cyberwitch and @cottagewitch have been gone for a week now. ): I don't recall her having contact information but she did mention having a group of friends on Discord in passing once. I hope she's OK... that's two genuinely top tier websites that she either hid or deleted out of the blue, so I'm worried about what made her do this.

bright-eyes 2 months ago

She did favourite one of my posts last week. She might have turned her profile to private, or something. When that happens, the site disappears from your followers/following, but is still there.

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koshka 2 months ago

@bright-eyes Even the direct link to her website is offline however. I think I know what comment you said that she liked, and I recall her still being around when you posted that.

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