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I also want to make my own cool guy link pages, so stay tuned!
I'm seeing a lot of folks adding me to their links page, and I thank you very much! I have a button, if you don't want to just put plain boring old text:
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luficerslounge 1 year ago

changin this now !!

luficerslounge 1 year ago i jus made one and its shit , idk what im doin lmao .. if u wanna use it u'll have to re-scale xD

Finally made one of them fancy button doohickies!
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darkrabbithole 1 year ago

aw shit you should've told me, I'll make a button real fast

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luficerslounge 1 year ago

this one guy linked me and ive been meanin to do a page like dis for a while so i finally did :p

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