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just had a nightmare i was back in high school and a whole computer class found my site... scary...
for some reason I couldn't pass the robot test on your guessbook bc I guess I am dummer than a robot but here is the message I wass trying to send: Your art is incredible! I like how you have a distinct style but are not scared to mess around with it and try new things. I enjoy the aesthetics of your sight (especially all the lace!). Keep up the amazing work. Warmly,
argoxi 1 year ago

AH!! Thank you...!!! That means a lot to me!! I love to experiment and try not to pressure myself to draw the same if it isn't working for me so it means a lot to me to hear that it's still recognisable as the same style!! And my site is a bit of a love letter to the aesthetics I love so your comment made me really happy!!! Thank you so much again!! ToT <3

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actual jun shrine added...
argoxi 1 year ago

arb hatepage added

argoxi 1 year ago

im back from the war (attemtping to make homepage mobile responsive) (failed and broke several other things)

argoxi 1 year ago

idk whats up with the iframes LMAO

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