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letslearntogether 9 months ago

The more Pac-Man the better...And very astute observation on that SpongeBob screencap. LOL! I think the green and purple guy are just meant to look angry like the blue fish in the foreground.

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umjammercammy 9 months ago

I had to change it... as much as I want to dedicate a page just to the Puckman bootleg I know too much about the company that made it and I have to babble about more than I intended to. I can't limit myself like this...

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letslearntogether 10 months ago

It is good that you are taking steps towards getting better. I hope the nightmares go away. Life seems a lot darker than it actually is when we are tired and feel unsupported in our dreams. Likewise, may the challenge of finding peace within and expressing it effectively towards others become ever easier for you.

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