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I'll be pruning webring sites in a couple weeks. If you have redesigned your site and forgot to add the webring widget again, just add it. If it isn't there in two weeks, you'll be removed from the script, and a note will be added to the sitelist noting that the widget is missing from your page. Don't fret, though; if you add it later, and notify me by email or IM, I can add you back to the script.
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stationsquare 2 years ago

People missing the widget, or with a dead site URL, have been notified.

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Damn I swear I was following you before... Also the song on the home page is broken, and the link to the mp3 is dead too.
stationsquare 2 years ago

True, I've gotta fix that. The link's been dead for some time now.

Hi, I survived my Gumby marathon! And maybe I'll start working on the site again. I wanna finish the paper, so if you wanna draw a comic strip for it, let me know.
websitering 2 years ago

Gumby's cool, but a marathon might be too much. Congrads for surviving. ;)

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Sorry for the lack of updates in such a long time... I've been procrastinating. And doing some really ridiculous (and unhealthy) things, like bingewatching the entirety of the Gumby series. Someone, please help me.
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