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i couldnt find a guestbook or any way to leave comments on your site, so ill leave mine here!!! i love your design sense and coding!!! it reminds me of my friend five's website ( i enjoyed reading your site. something i found interesting was this picture on james' liminal space page ( i actually had that childhood bedspread!
flowerbasket 1 year ago

aaaa thank u!!! ^v^!! also really :O! thats so wild -basket

HI HI!!!!!! i added ur link 2 my site!!!! my button is on my main page if you click on the bunny strawberry!!
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likehome 1 year ago

tysm!! i added your button!

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owuuwo was updated.
1 year ago
spoken 1 year ago

added an absolutely vital page about gay anime boys bcuz i cant stop having this thought lately. if u dont see the connection its ok im mentally ill. also if u hover over the pictreus it says their name and the series theyre from if u wanna watch somethin with representation. we can argue if theyre all good representation later

hey there!! wanna trade links? (´・ω・`)
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