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anyone here play Second Life? since i can't explore Real Life i've taken to hanging out there the last couple of days
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rime 2 years ago

since i got some disposible money now i'm thinking about renting a tiny piece of land to turn into a hangout if anyone wants to come chill

one of these days i'm going to finish something in blender as opposed to getting overwhelmed by the incomprehensible UI and quitting
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my very first introduction to tumblr was the only good blog on the platform, "bea arthur mountains pizza". every blog i looked at since did nothing but spiral into lower and lower levels of quality
rime 2 years ago

bea arthur mountains pizza seems to be gone now. RIP

it was so easy for the govt to decide to just give poorer people ~$1k... imagine what things would be like if they just did that without being pressured by a pandemic...
rime 2 years ago

with that kinda money + work it'd only take a few months to save up to get the gelatinous fat tubes removed from my chest

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