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what if there was a dating sim where you could date nintendo's hottest villains... ganondorf... bowser... ridley... tom nook
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encounters-ltd 2 years ago

but specifically the one from captain n

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i hope y'all like reading about bullshit work environments because later today i'm gonna have a post up about my latest job
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i'm trying to update my employment info on snagajob and i'm noticing that its "sending request to www facebook com". what the actual shit
wojak 2 years ago

Maybe there's a "Share on Facebook" button somewhere on the website

rime 2 years ago

maybe, but as far as i can see i'm not doing anything related to FB. so far i've noticing it sending requests to facebook when i edit the beginning and ending dates on the various jobs i've had, before hitting Save

i've been drinking a fuckton of this fancy black tea i got at barnes & nobles a couple years ago but i only have one bag left and now i'm sad. but at least i have the pretty tin it came in left over
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edible madmattr

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