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rime 1 year ago

discoveries: my navigation does not work in pale moon at all

oops forgot to log in for several months again
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yeah i'm definitely going to have to do a proper writeup of this new job lmao
it may end up as a post, but tldr: i haven't even started this new job and its already stressed me out so bad. i'm hoping the worst part is over and the actual work itself will be as described but i've worked too many jobs to be optimistic
somehow, someone decided to hire me. got a slightly weird vibe from them so we'll see how long i last lol
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silverheart 2 years ago

grats on getting some meds that seem to be helping you!

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koshka 2 years ago

You may want to gas your place with Fogger or something similiar to definitively end the insect problem. Definitely have to force yourself to remember to eat and drink. Amphetamines, including Adderall, are infamous for how much they dull those cravings. There's a reason every single speedfreak is as skinny as a rail.

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