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the problem with all your hand-written webpages having your site navigation is that, inevitably, the time will come when you realize you want to redo it, and you have a ton of pages to change as a result
rime 1 year ago

also maybe i'll finally fix the tooltips that broke when i changed my layout a million years ago....

bluef00t 1 year ago

may I suggest a JavaScript solution

rime 1 year ago

i hadn't considered javascript, mostly because i haven't really learned how to use it lol. its definitely on the to-do list though

bright-eyes 1 year ago

True, this. There was a php solution where you only needed to edit one file with the links on, but as neocities doesn't allow it, it can't be done here. Never got the handle on frames (which isn't a good solution anyway.) What I do is make a page which as all the current links and copy and paste it on to all the others.

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silverheart 1 year ago

javascript is unfortunately how i have to do my own layout, since the modern web is still a goddamn hellhole that doesn't have a simple native html injection thing.... is nice and very similar to what i'm using, if that helps to know

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bluef00t 1 year ago

alternately, just have one main navigation page, and every page links back to navigation. There's no rule saying you have to see every link from every page either

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